4 important lessons from CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup”

By Jocelyn Ring on October 22, 2014

I caught up on some of the shows on my DVR one rainy weekend and binge-watched episodes of Restaurant Startup on CNBC. The best way to describe it is a combination of Shark Tank and Restaurant Impossible.

On this show, two seasoned restaurateurs and investors Joe Bastianich and Tim Love are looking for new restaurants to back. They listen to the pitches of two teams and pick a winner that will have 36 hours and $7,500 dollars to refine their concept, update their logo, design a menu, build a business plan and decorate a pop-up location.

After they run the restaurant for a day, they re-pitch their idea using customer feedback and profit results from their pop-up location to the investors to secure funding.

Safeguard your brand and content online

By Karen Post on October 15, 2014

Are you a restaurant owner or manager who has a blog? If you do blog, then you know how time consuming it is to write, post and manage your work. There’s a growing crime that is aggravating and frustrating business owners and marketers around the globe and unfortunately this blog fell victim to this slimy act.

It’s called content scraping.

Your content is basically copied and used on someone else’s site for their search results and credibility benefit.

11 branding ideas and lessons I learned in New York City – Part 2

By Karen Post on October 7, 2014

This post is the second part of my 2 part series on things I learned while visiting New York City. If you are just joining in, you will want to check out the prior blog post, too. You can read it here.

4) Have great restaurant name.
My first night out I went to one of my favorite spots in the city, Junoon. Junoon means passion or obsession in hindi. What a great name. The restaurant is the creation of chef Rajesh Bhardwaj who was born in New Delhi and who’s considered a pioneer in Indian cuisine. This place is not your average Indian restaurant; it’s elegant and the food is unbelievable.

11 branding ideas and lessons I learned in New York City – Part 1

By Karen Post on September 30, 2014

Going to the Big Apple is always a branding blast for me. There’s so much inspiration and creativity and I’m exposed to thousands of amazing brands and their smart marketing work. I learn things that I can often apply to my own business and work.

I was in the city for Fashion Week. If you’re interested in fashion, you might want to read my other general marketing and branding blog (brandingdiva.com/blog). Over there, I shared specific insight on how fashion branding is evolving and influencing other branding categories.

Back to restaurant, hospitality and food branding insight.

Floor to ceiling restaurant brands.

By Karen Post on September 16, 2014
Ceiling to floor

Your restaurant brand is the sum of all you do. It’s the culmination of your actions, the product you deliver, the service you provide and the experience you create. An important part of this experience is derived from the restaurant’s environment and the décor elements that are chosen to best reflect the brand’s story.

As I travel around the world and visit restaurants I’m always impressed when restaurateurs use their creativity from floor to ceiling to express their brand.

Interesting materials and attention-grabbing design treatments on the ceiling and floors not only can help you stand out; they can become memorable brand assets that stick in the minds of your customers to further differentiate you from other restaurants.

5 important things I gained from the movie “The Chef”

By Karen Post on September 1, 2014
The movie The Chef brand lessons

If you’ve not seen the indie movie The Chef written, directed and staring Jon Faveau, add it to your must-do list today. It’s fun, entertaining, makes you feel good and shares some momentous lessons for entrepreneurs and especially those in the restaurant business. The cast of characters is impressive and includes: Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale. The art direction is beautiful, the music motley and hip and there was no shortage of good food porn (delectable images of ingredients and culinary masterpieces). The story’s premise is around an L.A. chef who experiences a career dip when a cranky food critic pans his food while his business partner and employer fails to support his need to evolve the menu from the tried, and still popular fare. How the story happened is a lesson to all businesses. Social media is a living channel for modern [...]

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