WHERE to grow your restaurant brand

By Karen Post on March 19, 2015
hot new restaurant locations

Whoever coined the phrase “location, location, location” certainly had a good idea. Especially when it comes to restaurants. Location can make or break a restaurant brand. If you are curious on the quote’s reputed author, The New York Times actually uncovered the history on the phrase and who was due the credit.

If you’re interested in WHERE hot, new restaurant are popping up across our great land and HOW to find dining trends like these…

Don’t make this mistake. It’s a brand killer.

By Karen Post on March 12, 2015
A brand mess

It’s every waitperson’s worst nightmare. A tray full of hot food goes flying in the air like a drunk drone.

It’s a Saturday night at a popular new restaurant in Tampa called Ulele. The experience was much more traumatic. The waitperson was coming down a flight of stairs smack in the middle of a crowded bar. Plates and glasses were shattered as they hit the hard floor. Steak knives dropped 6 feet narrowly missing standing guests.

It was bad.

Ask the expert part deux: Chef / Owner: Brenda Buenviaje

By Brandi Narez on March 4, 2015
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Welcome back to “Ask the expert” series. Monthly we post interviews with a successful restaurateur, chef, supplier, brewery professional or a hospitality industry authority.

This is part two of our interview with San Francisco’s Brenda Buenviaje, Owner & Chef Proprietor of Brenda’s French Soulfood. Brenda is co-owner of these great restaurants too, Brenda’s Meat and Three, Libby Jane and soon to open Brenda’s Original Po’Boys.

Ask the expert: Brenda Buenviaje

By Brandi Narez on February 11, 2015

Ask the expert: Chef / Owner: Brenda Buenviaje
Brenda’s French Soulfood / Brenda’s Meat and Three / Libby Jane / Brenda’s Poboys (upcoming)

We are delighted to announce that the Restaurant Branding Roadmap team is launching our, “Ask the expert” series. Once a month we will post an interview with a successful restaurateur, chef, supplier, brewery professional or a hospitality industry authority. To keep things short and concise, some interviews may be split into two parts. If you enjoy the article, please share. If you’ve got a suggestion for an expert we should interview, let us know.

3 low-cost, high-impact branding ideas

By Karen Post on January 29, 2015

The team at Restaurant Branding Roadmap is excited to update you on a few changes. We’ve simplified our blog look. We’ll post new ideas every week. And deliver it to your inbox on Wednesdays.

3 simple ways to power up your restaurant brand

By Karen Post on December 17, 2014
Brand with a mural

Your restaurant brand is what the market thinks, feels and expects from your business. The power of your brand can often be a deciding factor when a patron chooses where they will dine and spend their money. While brands are mental impressions, or what I refer to as brain tattoos, customers must allow a brand to have a place in their head. But you the restaurateur control access to permission and much of what that image and reputation by being proactive in these key areas. 1) Perception. When’s the last time you Googled your restaurant? What did you see? Lots of positive reviews, social media mentions and articles by the press touting your food and an awesome restaurant experience? Or was it tough to even find your place or website among your competitors? In branding, perception becomes reality. Consumers believe what they see and read. If search results are low, [...]

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