Is your restaurant holiday ready  4 ways to add jingle to your bottom line.
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Is your restaurant holiday ready? 4 ways to add jingle to your bottom line.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this week, Karen and I and the entire Restaurant Branding Roadmap team would like to begin …

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BrandingEmployee engagement

3 fast ways to get your employees on the brand wagon

Everyday ambitious restaurateurs spend time and money on building great brands. When done right, a strong brand is distinct, it’s part of the dining experience …

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Build your dream team
BrandingEmployee engagementRestaurant business planning

How to assemble the right team for success

Last week, the New York Post featured a story about “The stunning collapse of one of New York’s top restaurateurs.” According to the article, John DeLucie …

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Restaurant business planning

Appetite for Acquisition – Book recommendation

Thinking about buying a restaurant or adding a location? This book is worthy read. I stumbled upon Appetite for Acquisition a great little book focused …

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Built to last – 3 tips for restaurant longevity
BrandingRestaurant brandingRestaurant business planningrestaurant ideas

Built to last – 3 tips for restaurant longevity

This week I’m answering a question from a reader who asks: We’re in the planning stages of a new restaurant and we want to know if …

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TV appearance
PR and promotionPublicity

Are you ready for a TV appearance?

Today, 15 minutes of fame on a national TV show is not a pipe dream, but a reality for many lucky restaurants. A TV segment …

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start your blog
BrandingSocial media

One branding tool most restaurants don’t have

A blog. An informational area found on a website. These days there’s no excuse to not have a blog on your restaurant’s website. Most website packages …

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simplify your menu
Customer experiencerestaurant ideasTrends

4 Places to cut to gain more brand love

Dining out should be a feel good experience. Patrons select your restaurant to feed their hunger, socialize with friends, meet with business colleagues, enjoy family …

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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.41.58 PM

(Video) Special offer for our subscribers and blog readers

We’re giving FREE access to our Restaurant Branding online course and we wanted to give you the first opportunity to grab this offer Invitation from …

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