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atoz Resources A to Z Creativity: 26 ways to more ideas
Simple techniques to create big ideas, fast.Learn more | Buy now


BTYou Resources Brain Tattoo You, personal brand assessment
All successful business people and leaders have a strong personal brand. Now you can build yours or improve the one you started.Learn more | Buy now
Zo setup Resources Go for it: Set up your biz
Promote your business. Tell your story. Build a brand.Learn more | Buy now
naming sm1 Resources Go for it: Name your biz
Name your business. Define your story. Build a brandLearn more | Buy now

Ta-Do lists that make a big difference
As a serial entrepreneur, I’m a list mister. I’m a list maker and a list junkie. I use lists, I write lists and now I’m going to share the lists that have significantly impacted my success. All of these lists are tried and true and stem from my own and my team’s real-life and business experiences.

Planning Ta-Do lists
These lists will help stimulate and inspire deeper, more creative ideas to assist in the planning of growing your business.

reinvent Resources Reinvent yourself Ta-Do list
Time to reinvent? Jumpstart your business or your career with this simple, easy to follow Reinventing you Ta-Do list.Learn more | Buy now
consulting Resources Consulting practice planning Ta-Do list
Earn money for your expertise. Do you have what it takes to be a successful consultant? Not sure or if you think you do, lost on where to begin?Learn more | Buy now
getpaidtospeak Resources Get paid to speak Ta-Do list
You’re an authority. You’ve got a story. Now earn money for the value you deliver.Learn more | Buy now

Marketing speedway Ta-Do lists
These lists will help you get from A to B more efficiently. They cover marketing specific projects or events around from branding to business development.

getpublicity Resources Publicity Ta-Do list
Be seen. Be heard. Are your competitors always mentioned in the media, do you need to build awareness for you and your brand and is your marketing budget is smaller than TINY?Learn more | Buy now
businessevent Resources Produce a successful event Ta-Do list
Need to reach your business goals with a well-planned special event? This Ta-Do is a valuable tool for producing any special event from a small intimate business development dinner to a grand launch event for hundreds.Learn more | Buy now
rebrandrestaurant Resources Rebrand a restaurant Ta-Do list
Give your restaurant a facelift. Is your restaurant losing sales to one of your competitors? Have you lost your “hot spot” appeal?Learn more | Buy now
seo Resources SEO results Ta-Do list
Get found online. Does the term SEO scare you? But you know it’s important for your business? The Search Engine Results Ta-Do list can help.Learn more | Buy now

Cover your butt Ta-Do lists
These lists can help you save face, money, and in general cover your butt by reducing the times you say, “I hate when stuff like that happens!”

setupbiz Resources Set up your business Ta-Do list
Not an MBA and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the business structure mumbo jumbo? You need to quickly understand in simple terms, your options to set up your company.Learn more | Buy now